A New Business And A Great Babysitter
Something Unplanned

I had never really planned on putting up any business. But when I started to get orders for the handmade purses I passionately made during my spare time, I seriously decided to make it a business. Of course I thought about the kids. I knew I had to find a good babysitter to watch over them. The orders were starting to come in and I could not really attend to them in spite of the fact that I was working at home.
Dealing With The Cost 
Just because my business was taking off, didn't mean I could actually throw away some money. Of course, I needed to find some great deals as well. Hence, finding a good discount on any babysitter service provider could help. Such was what I found on
My Bag Business
I make bags. I sew and design them. Yes, I actually use leather for my bags. I have a high speed sewing machine that can actually sew the hardest leather of them all. My bags differ because of the leather that I use. I actually recycle leather from old bags. This makes it easier for me to find materials for them. Most importantly, I am able to create unique bag designs.

I never thought I could really make it a business. Two years ago, I decided to stay home with my daughter. It was so hard for me to find a regular babysitter that my husband and I decided I stay home. In my spare time, I would get out my sewing machine and put things together. It was during one of my general cleaning when I saw an old leather tote of mine. I was all set to throw it away when I thought of tearing it apart and recycling the leather. At the end of the day, I had a brand new purse that I thought looked pretty good.

How It Started

I went on to do this in my spare time. I ended up with so many bags, I took photos of each one of them and showed them to my friends and some family members. In no time, I was making some bags for my friends.

Formally Setting It Up
As I was formally setting up my bag business, I was also out looking for sitters. I didn't want to just hire one for the sake of hiring. I needed one that I could trust. It was a good thing I came across
I was able to learn more about finding reliable sitters at a price I could actually afford. That really mattered to me since I was starting a new business and I needed to watch every single cent. 
After taking some time to learn about the simple selection process, I knew I could easily find one right away.

It did not take long for me to formalize the business. Now, I am actually getting regular set of orders that I need to seriously work on.  It's a good thing that I have already signed up with sittercity. I can definitely find a regular babysitter. 
Finding A Regular Babysitter

Joining an online network to find a regular sitter is not so bad. It's quite easy and affordable. 
Considering my work from home situation, it the best way for me to find someone that can help me with the kids. 

I am really glad that I tried it out. I know now that I can always get the help I need while I attend to my small scale business. The price is not so bad and for someone that's starting a small business, it will not hurt the budget at all. 
I am really looking forward to seeing my bag business grow at the same time, spending some time with my kids at home. 






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